Social Media 101: What And How Often Should You Post?

16 Feb Social Media 101: What And How Often Should You Post?

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Each social media network has its own book of Posting Etiquette. What and how often to post varies based on which network you are sharing on. So how does one know the difference? Read our quick guide and find out.


What: Think quality over quantity and keep in mind the network’s unique features that can help expand your audience. For example, tagging others (either through photo tags or post mentions) can get your post featured in their friends’ feeds.

How Often: A few times a week to once a day.

Why: Facebook is the only social network that ranks popularity and relevancy over timeliness. In other words, if you post something in the morning it can still pop up in someone’s feed later in the day and, if it receives a constant stream of likes and comments, it could continue to pop up for weeks or months to come. When posts have a stronger and longer lifeline, it is not necessary to post as often.


What: Because of its fast paced nature, you can afford to post more frequently on Twitter making it a great platform for time sensitive information such as reminders about sales or countdowns to events. Due to the 140-character limit, content really needs to make a punch to catch readers’ attention. Ask questions, and share interesting and engaging facts.

How Often: At least five times per day.

Why: Twitter has a constant turnover (log in and watch your feed fly by before your eyes). Because a message has such a low chance of hooking a reader, posting multiple times a day increases the likelihood that a message will be received.


What: Keyword rich content that will help enhance your rank and relevancy on the Google search engine. Use this platform to post about newsworthy information and be a part of the discussion on trending topics.

How Often: Five to ten posts per week.

Why: More is better because it gives Google’s search engine more ways to link to your business. By including relevant keywords in your posts you are also raising your relevancy within related searches.


What: Business related content, and tips or insights that apply directly to your industry. Think of it like this — if you’d dress casual to a Twitter or Facebook party, you’d wear your business professional to a LinkedIn event.

How Often: Two to five times per week.

Why: LinkedIn is a low volume social network. Most users aren’t logging in everyday and feeds are not as cluttered. Post a few times a week and only share content that is relevant and interesting (and work appropriate).


What: Inspirational and beautiful photos that are tagged with relevant keywords. To make photos more “sharable” avoid images with faces of people and favor those featuring attention grabbing colors like red or orange.

How Often: Five to ten times per day.

Why: To get picked out of the Pinterest crowd you need to pin big, stand out images — and pin often.

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