5 Tips For Planning Twitter Ads

02 Apr 5 Tips For Planning Twitter Ads

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Whenever we put our money into advertising, we want to make sure we do it right. In traditional media, doing so can be a bit more straightforward than, say, the ever-changing world of social media. Here, “best practices” are constantly evolving and new tools pop up every day. Making sure you’re making the most of your ad money can be a headache and a half. Twitter is no exception. To help clear up the clutter, we’ve put together five tips for planning Twitter ads based on what information is available to marketers at the moment.

  1. Do your research.

Right now there are tools you can use to tap into keywords and @mentions to see what users are talking about. Doing so not only helps you craft the content of your ads, but can give you more insight into who you should be delivering your ads to. With this kind of knowledge, you are able to target users who a) are already engaging within your industry and b) are engaging with brands similar to yours. This goes one giant step forward from geo-targeting — take advantage of it!

  1. Aim to build a quality audience.

Many businesses forget to keep the end goal in mind when planning their Twitter ads. They place too much emphasis on the number of followers they want to gain and not enough on the quality of those followers. Forget the old school mentality that bigger is better, and focus on building a relevant, engaged audience. Don’t just target users that have the most followers, utilize Twitter’s new Tailored Audience Targeting to narrow down your audience to people most relevant to your brand.

  1. Add an image.

We now know that messages with images perform better than those without. Always include a visual with your Twitter ads, even though it shrinks your character limit. Twitter’s new layout is much more visual and offers auto-expanding photos in feeds, making it even more likely that a short message with a visual will get noticed over a long message without.

  1. Include a CTA.

What is the goal of your Promoted Tweet? Do you want to direct users to your website? Show off a five star customer review? Include a link in your tweet and give readers a clear call-to-action. By doing so you are encouraging active engagement, rather than just a Favorite or Retweet. Don’t be afraid to move the conversation off of Twitter if it’s in line with your goals.

  1. Be sure to follow up.

Your Twitter ad campaign doesn’t end the minute you send your tweets into the universe. It requires attention and monitoring long after it starts running. Check for replies and always respond. It is important to engage with users that show interest in your ad. Fishing out serious replies can sometimes take time (Promoted Tweets are subject to spam comments and offensive replies) but digging through the dirt is the only way you’re going to build relationships.

Interested in learning more about planning Twitter ads? You’ve come to the right place. The team at Grand Strand Virtual Solutions is here to help and we’re waiting for your call. From social media to public relations, we are your one stop shop to all your business marketing needs.


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