5 Tips For Acquiring Social Media Clients

25 Feb 5 Tips For Acquiring Social Media Clients

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Switching your profession to social media may seem smart, the need for consultants and strategists is at an all time high, but acquiring clients to kick-start your business is not always easy. Take these tried and true tips for expanding your clientele and your social media business will be booming in no time.

  1. Don’t Be Shy

You’re starting a social media business? Shout it from the rooftops! Or at least update your Facebook status. The first step in acquiring clients is getting the word out. Start with those closest to you — your friends and family, social networks and contacts. Craft a short email announcing your launch and links to your website and social pages. Offer a discounted incentive for first time clients and start building a database.

  1. Cold Tweeting

Find new prospects for your business by searching for people on Twitter inquiring about social media services or digital marketing. Reply to them, answering their questions honestly and providing useful information. Think of your conversation as a free consultation. If they are satisfied with your response, let them know that you offer social media services and direct them to your website. Building a relationship before selling your service will help build trust and assure your potential client that you have experience and expertise in the field.

  1. Focus On Your Own Social Media Presence

As important as it is to reach out, it is even more essential to be reachable. Post regularly on your own social media pages, tapping into industry specific topics and using hashtags that highlight your services. Always respond to messages so users know you are active and engaged on your pages. As you grow as a social media influencer within your field, you increase the chances of prospective clients finding your page — and hiring you.

  1. Paid Advertisement

If you are just starting your business or feel you have hit a lull in attracting new clients, consider running a few ads on Facebook and Twitter. Paid advertisement will put your business in front of a new audience and in turn could draw quality leads. Before starting an online campaign, tighten up your website and social media profiles, checking that all information is clear, accurate and up to date. You don’t want to bring new eyes to your page only to lose them because of an outdated or incomplete online presence.

  1. Networking

Investing time in your professional network is imperative for business growth. Use LinkedIn as a digital resource for joining industry specific groups and associations. Attend events and conferences in your area that put you in contact with other marketing professionals and local businesses. Get involved with the community by sponsoring a charity that’s close to your heart or taking part in a worthy fundraiser. Working hard may be a stepping-stone to success — but it’s your connections that will ultimately carry you over those boulders.


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