5 Steps To Creating YouTube Ad Campaigns For Your Business

10 Feb 5 Steps To Creating YouTube Ad Campaigns For Your Business



When optimized the right way, YouTube ad campaigns can bring new visitors to your website, and turn looks to buys. Here we’ll share some of the steps you should take to run YouTube ad campaigns for your business, and how you can turn this social media channel into capital for your company.

Step 1: Sync your YouTube channel and your AdWords account.

Every business should be advertising online and every business that is advertising online should be using AdWords. (If you are not, ask us how we can set up your website to utilize PPC advertising.) As one of Google’s platforms, you are able to link your YouTube channel and your AdWords account so that you can yield more information about how people are interacting with your videos.

Step 2: Place your bid.

When running YouTube ad campaigns you will place a bid so that you can select the most amount of money you want to pay each time someone watches your video and the format in which you want your advertising to run. When starting out, it is best to keep your bid relatively low until you can track your metrics and it is best to put more attention on in-display ads than other formats.

Step 3: Pick which users you want to target.

Demographics, topics, people interested in, placements and keywords break down your target audience, giving you a few ways to determine which users you’d like your videos to be seen by.

  • “Demographics” covers age and gender.
  • “Topics” range from broad to specific categories within an industry.
  • “People interested in” is a way to reach out to people with special interests and works based on an individual’s search history.
  • “Placements” allow you to select specific YouTube channels or videos you’d like to appear on.
  • “Keywords” connects you to related content and targets what users are searching for.

By utilizing one or more of these methods you are able to target an audience more specifically.

Step 4: Choose a video to advertise.

One you know whom you are advertising to, you can decide what video you want to work with. Choose a video from your channel and select for it to run as an in-stream video (which plays right before the video a user has selected to watch) or an in-display ad (which appears as a thumbnail suggested on the top of search pages or the right-hand column of video pages).

Step 5: Fill in your attributes.

The attributes of your ad are the specifics, like which thumbnail will appear on in-display ads and the destination URL (which will direct a user to a specific YouTube video or your channel). Filling in these will allow you to optimize your ad campaign even further with no additional cost to you, and are well worth the extra time spent.

Interested in learning more about YouTube ad campaigns for your business? You’ve come to the right place. The team at Grand Strand Virtual Solutions is here to help and we’re waiting for your call. We are your one stop shop to all your business marketing needs!


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