4 Keys To Creating Visual Content That Will Get Noticed

19 Mar 4 Keys To Creating Visual Content That Will Get Noticed

Vector start up concept - flat icons and signsSocial media is all about messages that are short and sweet, mobile friendly and catered to an audience that isn’t willing to focus too much attention towards one thing. As social media marketers we aim not only to get content out there but also package it in a way that is concise and easy to understand. While shaving down words is one way to address this issue, visual content marketing is another. This concept focuses on images rather than words to speak to our audience. When executing this idea of visual content marketing, it is important that your images are well executed and will get noticed. Read on to learn about the four keys to creating visual content that audiences respond to.

  1. Trade wordy stats for infographics.

Since a picture is worth a 1,000 words and Twitter maxes out at 140 characters, I recommend using infographics to communicate important information on social media. In a visually pleasing way you can deliver interesting facts to your audience that would otherwise take paragraphs to explain. Infographics are also successful on Pinterest, where size doesn’t limit the amount of information you can successfully express. If you are creating original blog content, you can also use infographics as an enticing way to promote your posts. For example, teasing three of a top five list. You can also go into more detail and use the infographic as a visual within the actual blog post.

  1. Bring contests to life.

Social media often serves as a platform to push promotions and contests — many of which require user participation. We advise using visual examples when asking an audience to post their own photos, or creating something that involves products or services. Showing your audience is much more effective than giving directions verbally.

  1. Experiment with all forms of media.

Visuals are not limited to images and we encourage the use of video, slideshows and even memes to see which type of visual content resonates best with your audience. Creating your own original content (rather than just repurposing what is already in circulation) offers great possibilities for sharing and reaching new eyes. Play with a meme generator, or download an app that allows you to make Instagram slideshows. You don’t know what works until you try it.

  1. Understand the principles of design.

When creating visual content that will get noticed it is important to remember the principles of design. You may not have studied graphic arts, but there are a few elements that you should familiarize yourself with. Fonts should be clear and easy to read, and you can use tools like Google Fonts to download free options. When it comes to colors, start off with complimentary colors (these are those found opposite of each other on the color wheel). Complimentary colors are the most sure fire way to create bright, noticeable images that won’t overpower the reader or blur your message.


Interested in learning more about the keys to creating visual content that will get your business noticed? You’ve come to the right place. The team at Grand Strand Virtual Solutions is here to help and we’re waiting for your call. We are your one stop shop to all your business marketing needs.


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