3 Tips For Retaining That Perfect Client

06 Mar 3 Tips For Retaining That Perfect Client

Think of all the time you’ve spent promoting your business and prospecting new clients. Then take an honest look at the effort you’ve made to keep those same clients around down the road.

It’s counterproductive, if not shameful, at how little time goes into retaining clients. We’re all guilty of biting off more than we can chew and being negligent from time to time, which is why every successful business should have a system in place to ensure those hard earned relationships are nurtured. Don’t make the mistake of hooking a great client only to let them get away. Need some inspiration? Follow these easy tips for retaining clients.

  1. Create your own performance evaluations.

When working for a company, employees are often given quarterly or annual performance evaluations to track success, find areas for improvement or praise a job well done. While some employees scoff at this idea, performance evaluations are very constructive as they open up communication and allow for career advancement. As an entrepreneur, you are unlikely to have a system of evaluating the way you conduct business, which brings us to our first tip — create your own performance evaluation! Offer clients the opportunity to comment on your performance, areas where you can improve and the ways you exceeded their expectations. Having a clear picture of your client’s satisfaction (or lack thereof) can ensure you make the necessary changes to keep them happy.

  1. Set measurable short-term and long-term goals.

When you obtain a new client one of the first things you should do is sit down with them to discuss their business objectives. Determine short and long-term goals that your services or products can help them obtain — and be realistic. Avoid selling deliverables that are impossible to reach, which will only make you look incapable later on.

When you can explain the ways your company can increase their revenue and create measurable outcomes, your value will be more evident and easier to understand. Down the road you will also be able to paint a pretty before and after picture, giving your clients the kind of reassurance they need to justify expenditures and keep you on the payroll.

  1. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye.

One of the keys to retaining that perfect client is to let go of destructive business relationships. You know those clients that are never happy? Make last-minute requests with zero apologies? Are always trying to cut corners on price or get something for free? Yeah. Those guys. If a client is sucking up your time and money, they are taking away from the quality clients that deserve your attention. Never be afraid to cut ties with an unappreciative and overbearing client. They rarely stick around in the long run and by holding on you are only doing your other clients (and yourself) a disservice.


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